Henry de Tunahuna was born in the hayloft above the sacred stables which housed the noble steeds of the Knights of the Round Table when they gathered at Camelot. A Centaur, he was already uniquely equipped to join the Round Table, and was Knighted by King Arthur at the age of fourteen.  Sir Henry then created consternation by claiming that the Fountain of Youth was the Holy Grail, and set forth with a band of renegade Knights on a merry quest for this eternal libation.

He found the Fountain beneath a fearsome windmill, and discovered that it also contained the secrets of time-travel and metamorphosis. Being of philosophical inclination, he then decided to span the ages in both directions and many countries, spreading appropriate knowledge. Thus, he appears in various historical contexts --- as the Arhuna (India), the Huna (Polynesia), the Atun (Egypt).  In great antiquity, of course, he was known as the Una Tahuna  (One True King) of legendary Atlantis.  Today, he is best known for the sandwich that bears his name.

From time to time, he communicates  with us at AstralVisions, granting interviews, offering insights into the esoteric wisdom of astrology, and providing examinations through which astute students of astrology can test their level of attainment.

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Dr. Henry Tunahuna (honorary doctorate bestowed by Spamford University), is the founder of Sensa, the right-brain equivalent of Mensa.  If you score well on the examinations, you may apply for membership in Sensa.  Send your application to rtunahuna@yahoo.com, and include a poem, song, painting, cartoon, or photograph that demonstrates your Atun-ness to the world.  Or, submit an essay on The Timelessness of Space.

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