Match-Up: "Most-Feared Conditions"


Each Astrological Sign tends to fear any Condition which inhibits its normal expression or pleasures; this fear, naturally, often results in causing the condition! What does each Sign fear most?



___ Capricorn              a. Amnesia

___ Aquarius               b. Impotence

___ Pisces                 c. Poverty

___ Aries                  d. Incontinence

___ Taurus                 e. B.O.

___ Gemini                 f. Charleyhorses

___ Cancer                 g. Baldness or Graying Hair

___ Leo                    h. Aloneness

___ Virgo                  i. Bliss

___ Libra                  j. Laryngitis

___ Scorpio                k. Insomnia

___ Sagittarius            l. Invisibleness



ANSWERS to Match‑Up


Capricorn = Incontinence (loss of control); Aquarius= Bliss (too quiet and dull); Pisces = Insomnia (no dreams!); Aries = Baldness or Graying Hair (self‑image); Taurus = Poverty (lack of possessions); Gemini = Amnesia (can't remember jokes and stories); Cancer = Aloneness (no one to share feelings with); Leo = Invisibleness (loss of admirers); Virgo = B.O. (unclean!); Libra = Laryngitis (can't talk); Scorpio = Impotence (unfulfilled desires); Sagittarius = Charleyhorses. (can't run & play).



Using this knowledge


Acknowledge your Fear! As you LIVE each day, observe how your condition affects you. If you DON'T have the condition, know that one day you WILL, and ponder "What will I do?" . Then join a 12‑Step Program (surely one exists) for experiencing EACH of the twelve conditions. Soon you will understand and love everyone else! However, you may lose your identity. If so, join the 12‑Step Program for Identity Reconstruction!