Match-Up: "Medication Signs"


We all use medicinal aids of one kind or another, and tend to have a 'favorite' that we reach for with regularity. As these tend to make us FEEL better, it is the Moon‑Sign that correlates most closely with our medicinal-aid  choice. So, Match-Up based on the Emotional nature of the Signs.


___ Capricorn              a. Xanax

___ Aquarius               b. Aspirin

___ Pisces                 c. Advil

___ Aries                  d. Sleep‑Eze

___ Taurus                 e. ExLax

___ Gemini                 f. Sucrets

___ Cancer                 g. Scope

___ Leo                    h. Desenex

___ Virgo                  i. Coffee

___ Libra                  j. Crest

___ Scorpio                k. Tylenol

___ Sagittarius            l. Dr. Scholl's Foot Pads



ANSWERS to Match‑Up


Capricorn = Dr. Scholl's (keep those 'foundation' feet healthy); Aquarius = Tylenol (kill the pain); Pisces = Sleep‑Eze (stay in Dreamland); Aries = Aspirin (cure headache from ego-focus); Taurus = Advil (obscure the physical pain); Gemini = Coffee (keep mind awake); Cancer = Xanax (conceal nervousness) ; Leo = Crest (for the bright smile); Virgo = Scope (squeaky‑clean breath); Libra = Sucrets (soothe overworked throat); Scorpio = ExLax (help Let Go); Sagittarius = Desenex (too lazy to wash feet).



Using this knowledge


Try EACH of the medications yourself, during the associated Moon‑Sign this month. This will increase your understanding of that moon-sign. Dr. Zodiac's "LunaMed" kit, available through The Mountain Astrologer,  gives you a two‑day supply of each of the twelve medicinals, for this very purpose!   You may then decide to change your own moon-sign, which Dr. Zodiac can also arrange!