"Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider. "  ----  Sir Francis Bacon


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If the word "astrology" connotes a reaction of "hogwash" (not surprising!), read our short article "Astrology is Bunk!", first published in 1989 in The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

AstralVisions introduces a new concept in spiritual astrology, the HemiSphere charts.  Our software is especially for family use, so that family members can better understand (and appreciate) each other, in a framework that provides an immediate grasp of the  "human connection" of astrology.

Below is a sample Hemishpere chart, which correlates with the Hemispheres of the brain. It also correlates with the work of Carl Jung, Rudolf Steiner, and Dr. David Kolb's LSI.Other chart samples are here.

 The concept of the mapping of the astrological energies to the hemispheres of the brain was first introduced in 1988 in our book "Know Thyself --- The Music of the Hemispheres",  which was provided to clients in the 1980s while I was the resident astrologer for the Thunderbird Bookstore in Carmel, CA.  Our short article "The Music of the Hemispheres" was published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine in the early 1990s, but at that time we had not developed the software to produce the HemiSphere charts.

Now the software is complete for Windows, but needs to be updated for Windows versions beyond XP.  

Why another astrology-software tool???

When I began the serious study of astrology in the 1970s, and then doing readings for people, it became clear that a more human-oriented framework could make astrology more immediately-understandable (and therefore more useful) to people.  The outline of such a framework is explained in   How Astrology Maps to the Hemispheres of the Brain. Together with the hemisphere mapping, I found that using different "keywords", and also colors, to explain the nature of astrological energies provided the instant comprehension that I was seeking from my clients. The complete discussion of this new approach to astrology is the subject of People Are Different, first self-published in 1989 under a different title.

AstralVisions software is intended for FAMILY and RELATIONSHIP use --- to aid people in the understanding AND appreciation of the differences between family members and "significant others", and for each to be able to see how the NOW is interacting with their birth-nature  --- closing some doors and opening new ones. To this end, AstralVisions introduces the HemiSphere charts, which correlate with well-established principles of psychology and physiology, plus unique Standard charts and an aspect-matrix . The aspect-matrix also has a unique "sign-aspect" feature, which I have found to be very helpful.

You can view the entire AstralVisions User Guide, to see how very simple these charts are to create, but downloading and installation probably takes less than 5 minutes -- and you can "play" with some pre-supplied charts.

We have nearly completed the revised, full-color, expanded version of "Know Thyself", now called "People Are Different", which will be available through this website also. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

It's really no longer the question of "Is Astrology Bunk?". It's helpful to discard the notion that planets actually "cause" anything; consider that they themselves were created by the "energy" which may be mistakenly attributed to them. It really doesn't matter; there seem to be different "energy planes" interacting with the Earth, and the birth moment (for whatever reason) "imprints" each of us with the patterns of that moment, which then become our limited set of "reality planes".


If we remain stuck in the energy patterns of our birth, we DO limit our free will, and our capacity to learn/do beyond the abilities we are birth-gifted with. I hope that this little book will assist people in working with their natural (birth) energies AND with the changing, always moving, energies both for personal understanding and growth AND for the understanding and appreciation of others.




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