Match-Up: "Chemistry Signs"


Each Sign has a preferred "chemical" which in indicative of, and assists, the expression of self. The Ascendant is the most indicative of the chemical choice.  So, consider the Personal nature of the Signs.



___ Capricorn              a. Whisky

___ Aquarius               b. Mushrooms

___ Pisces                 c. Vodka

___ Aries                  d. Hashish

___ Taurus                 e. Aphrodisiacs

___ Gemini                 f. Cocaine

___ Cancer                 g. Gin

___ Leo                    h. LSD

___ Virgo                  i. Rum

___ Libra                  j. Amphetamines

___ Scorpio                k. Lemonade

___ Sagittarius            l. Beer



ANSWERS to Match‑Up


Capricorn = Vodka (control over pure alcohol); Aquarius= Gin (snobbery); Pisces =Mushrooms (turn reality into dreams); Aries = Aphrodisiacs (more conquests); Taurus = Whisky (obliteration); Gemini = Amphetamines (buzz, buzz); Cancer = Lemonade (safe); Leo = Cocaine (power and grandeur); Virgo = Beer (the joy of burping); Libra = Rum (lighthearted looseness); Scorpio = Hashish (total immersion); Sagittarius = LSD (adventure-land).



Using this knowledge


For obvious reasons, this chemical-guide cannot be widely used for providing refreshments to guests, not for your holidy gift-list. However,  Signs in 'square' aspect ( particularly Leo/Taurus, Scorpio/Aquarius, Sagittaris/Virgo, Libra/Cancer,  Aries/Capricorn, and Gemini/Pisces) definitely indicate which chemicals should NOT be mixed together at the same time, due to the etremely conflicting nature of these squares. However, your BEST bet is to transcend use of ANY of these chemikcals, and instead pursue "Alchemy", which leads to the Philosopher's Stone, not the Stoned Philosopher!