Yosemite Landscapes

Yosemite is so extraordinary, and so vast (the Valley is but a small part of the Park) a photographer could spend a lifetime there and still capture extraordinary images, such as Yosemite's natural 'firefall' (above), a rare winter event requiring warm days and Stonehenge-like alignment of the sunset with the southeast face of El Capitan --- which I happened to see in 1978.


You do not have to travel far from your parked car to capture the kind of images you  see here.  With the exception of the Sunset at Donahue Pass (10 mile hike), Water Rocks (backcountry lake), and the Vernal Falls photos (1.2 mile hike)  all of the photos here were taken within a few hundred yards of pavement.   


Click any image for a larger view.



Winter Solitude



Snow Waves



Tuolumne Ghosts


Fallen Granite

Merced Sunrise

Granite Wall


Vernal Falls Spiral

El Cap and Meadow

Firefall on El Capitan

Raging Waters


Glacial Settlers

Tuolumne Rainbow

Water Window

Sand Bar

Sunset at Donahue Pass

Tuolumne Thunder


Forest Renewal


Parched Tree


Gnarled Roots

Rain Catchers

Waterfall Lace

Redwood Base

Tumbling Waters

Tuolumne Clouds

Tuolumne Sunset



In additional to single prints, you can purchase multiple prints in a Custom Portfolio (see below).


All prints are limited-edition, signed and numbered,  matted front and back with 100% rag-board, acid-free, and shipped with archival backing board for use in framing.

Prints thru size 12" x 18" are done personally by the photographer in his own facility.  Larger prints, up to 24x36, are available by special request.

Prices and Shipping

With the exception of the Yosemite "Natural Firefall" photos, all prints of a certain size are the same price.  See Purchasing for pricing information.


Special Custom Yosemite Portfolio

Ideal for an office or a "Yosemite Wall". Your choice of any six of the above prints, including the "Stonehenge" photos. Or a mixture of ANY six prints from this website.  Prices:  8x12 (matted 12x16): $750.  12x18 (matted 18x24): $1300.  Shipping for either of these is $40. More details are given in  Purchasing. To confirm availability, correspond via email, ronhenry33@yahoo.com.

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