Purchasing  Prints


Any of the individual  photographs shown in this website are available for purchase or publishing license.

Custom 6-print portfolios are also available, at significant savings (see below).

To verify availability, and for payment remittance address, correspond via email, ronhenry33@yahoo.com.


We accept US Postal Money Orders.  For payment outside the USA, email us for Western Union transfers information.

Note: before purchasing, correspond via email, ronhenry33@yahoo.com.

About the Prints

All prints are signed and numbered limited-edition,  matted front and back with 100% rag-board, acid-free, and shipped with archival backing board for use in framing.


We do not have a "stock" of prints; prints are made only on order.

Prints are done with extremely long-lasting (many generations) color printing processes. Prints up to size 12" x 18" are done in the photographer;s own facility.  Prints up to 24x36 are available by special request; these will be done by custom labs, and approved personally by the photographer.

Prices and Shipping

With the exception of the Yosemite Natural Firefall "StoneHenge" photos (see below), all prints of a certain size are the same price.


The 8x12 prints are $140 (matted in double-sided 12x16 archival museum board)

The 12x18 prints are $250 (matted in double-sided 16x24 archival museum board)


The "StoneHenge" (Yosemite's Natural FireFall)  photos are $200 (8x12) and $340 (12x18).


Shipping in the USA  is $12 for each 8x12  print; $18 for each 12x18 print, and includes insurance. Shipping costs are double for shipments outside the USA.

Purchasing a Custom Portfolio

Custom Portfolios (your choice of any six prints on this website), as described at the end of the Big Sur and Yosemite thumbnail galleries, can be purchased.  The portfolios are handsomely boxed, with each print carefully protected in an archival sleeve.


Prices:  Prices:   Prices:  8x12 (matted 12x16): $750.  12x18 (matted 18x24): $1300.  Shipping for either of these is $40.  To confirm availability, correspond via email, ronhenry33@yahoo.com.


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