Stonehenge Sunset


Stonehenge in England is aligned to a perfect moment, the sunrise of the Summer Solstice. This is the "Sunset" counterpart, in Yosemite.


Here is a closeup view of the incredible, but entirely natural,  "Horsetail Firefall" on El Capitan.  It is without a doubt the most stunning thing I have ever seen in Yosemite.  If you happen to be in Yosemite in late February, you too might see something glowing here at sunset,  although it is usually only a small wisp of water, and a perfect alignment with the sun probably can happen, like Stonehenge in England, on only one day of the year.  This may well have been the most spectacular occurrence of this century --- captured by sheer luck in 1978.  It lasted, in full glory, less than 2 minutes.


For a view showing the entirety of El Capitan, see Stonehenge.


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