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AstralVisions Software


Note: Astralvisions software is no longer available for download, as it needs to be upgraded beyond Windows XP. The installation link is no longer operational. 

AstralVisions 3.9 is now available. which is self-installing. Click the link below and click "Run" (when prompted); this will run  the AVInstall.exe file, to Install (or upgrade to) version 3.9.  The charts and  and settings in any previous installation (which will be detected by the Installer) will not be affected by an upgrade to the newer version.

The newest feature is Declination plotting, which students of astrology and alchemy may find interesting. 

Install (or Upgrade to) AstralVisions v3.9

You can view the entire AstralVisions User Guide, to see how very simple these charts are to create, but downloading and installation normally takes less than 5 minutes on broadband internet -- and you can "play" with some pre-supplied charts.  

Installation will:

a. download and start AstralVisions, register it with Windows, and, for future startups, it will put an AstralVisions icon on your desktop:


 b. load the AstralVisions Help (User Guide) ---  into a separate IE window.

c. start AstroWin (if installed) and drive it  to create a NOW computation, and the "standard" chartwheel  is displayed by AstralVisions.

 If AstroWin is not installed, the startup screen appears, with a button for download and install, but  you can experiment with the sample charts that are supplied with AstralVisions, prior to installing AstroWin to compute other and NOW charts.

AstralVisions is a chart-DISPLAY tool, not a chart-CALCULATION tool. Chart-creation in AstralVisions does require that you also install Allen Edwall's excellent Freeware tool AstroWin .


You do NOT have to learn how to use AstroWin.  You just need to install it.  AstralVisions software "drives" AstroWin automatically, retrieves the calculated data, and creates uniquely beautiful charts.

Allen Edwall has done many superb works in the field of astrology, and his website,,  is well worth a visit by students of astrology.


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