Astrology is Bunk!




A troubled young. man came to see the priest.


"Father," he said, "A good friend insisted I come and talk with you, so I am here. But I must tell you, I do not believe in God."


"Neither do I" said the priest.


The man was visibly startled. "But," he stammered "how can that be? You're a priest! What do you mean?''


"I mean that I, too, do not believe in the God that you do not believe in. That God is not the God of this faith or any other faith!"


Variations of this story appear in most religious and philosophical teachings; the point made is that when people are against or do not believe in something, it is really their PERCEPTION of that something which they do not believe in, and their disbelief is quite justified.


Mention "Astrology" to people, and here are common reactions, together with comments on them:


"Bunk. I'm supposed to be a Pisces, and what I read about Pisces doesn't fit me at all."


Not surprising! But who identified you as a Pisces? Probably the daily horoscope in the newspaper, which, while entertaining, should NEVER be confused with astrology. The moment of your birth was an interaction of TWELVE "signs" and even though you were born on March 11 you may be predominately LEOnian and VIRGOish. A part of you is certainly of the Piscean nature, but astrology does NOT make statements based on the month and day of anyone's birth that would be pure bunk! And remember this: there are only about 6 hours each YEAR when the three fundamental parts of your being spirit(sun), soul(moon), personality(ascendant) are similar to what they were at your birth, and only one out of 1700 people has the same three fundamentals (not to mention the other energies).


"That the positions of stars or planets causes things is nonsense."


Of course it is! This illustrates the GREATEST misconception about astrology, one even perpetuated by many astrologers. So, let's get it right the positions of the heavenly bodies do NOT, repeat NOT, 'cause' anything. The bodies are where they are BECAUSE OF an energy pattern that exists; they are merely CONVENIENT INDICATORS, whose positions and movements are known with precision. These bodies FOLLOW the energy flow that is often attributed TO them.


To the trained eye and heart, the primary energy‑patterns of the moment can be known WITHOUT reference to planetary positions, and the primary nativity of a person can be seen WITHOUT reference to their 'chart'.


"Predicting my future is hogwash. I have free will, and will do what I want."


Absolutely! There is perhaps NO force greater than of the human will; however, it is unwise to cross a rain‑swollen river when a day's wait will make it safe, and only a fool plants corn in winter. Who wants to waste time and effort and be miserable?


Astrology ONLY identifies the movement of natural energies; these can then be 'related' to the energies of one's birth moment (which, for whatever reason, we tend to 'lock into') and indicate the times and areas of our lives when ease, difficulty, expansion, and change will occur NATURALLY. What a person DOES during these times is up to them; astrology can only assist by giving perspective on the NATURE of the times in relation to what the individual wishes to accomplish.


"Astrology is just another 'out' for those wanting 'answers' without effort."


ALL of these are 'outs' with 'answers': doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, therapists, medicines, drugs, nutritionists, psychics, astrologers. The best of ANY of these give people ways to help themselves AFTER the initial visits, and try to avoid becoming a dependency. The person who goes to ANY professional with a "tell me what to do and when/how to do it" approach is ill‑served by a reply that only addresses the immediate need.



Astrology has only this to say: TIMES CHANGE and PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT. It can provide very useful knowledge for self‑appreciation and the appreciation of others, and thereby assist in the domestic and global need for human understanding and tolerance. But the principles of astrology are not easy to understand and apply; it is extremely difficult for us to see 'within ourselves' or 'beyond ourselves', for our culture offers neither training nor incentive for such activities.


Many of us would have given up learning to talk if we realized how silly we sounded for the first year or so; much PATIENCE and CONSCIOUS effort is required for awakening and integrating our mind, body, soul, and spirit into a more peaceful, joyous, and fulfilling life in this world we all share.


Copyright 1989 by Ron Alan Pierce. "Astrology is Bunk" was first published in Mountain Astrologer Magazine, Dec 1989/Jan 1990.