Moments II

Poetry from the early 1980s by Ron Pierce

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There's a tightness in my soul

a hand that stays the happy dance

along the path of taken chance

knowing fate can cast its glance;


There's a lightness in my soul

a cottonseed in airy trance;

afloat on waves of happenstance

moving in a soft advance; 


There's a brightness in my soul

a spirit's shining radiance

a gleam of royal elegance

finding joy in temperance  







The Dark



      I face                                             

           the Dark                                

                and know                      

                       the pain                     

                                   of time                          

                                       --- alone ---           

                                       and years                          

                         now gone                     

      that's all               

          I see                                     

     with thoughts                                

I face                                                   


          the wall                                

               I grew                          

                    of mists                    

                                       in which                         

                                --- alone ---

                                   I start                         

                    to grow                    

               with light                         

          I feel                                    


the Dark                                              







I like feelings.

I'm sorry.

I know ---

I don't fit in.

I don't belong.

I'm different.

It's a rough life.

Got to struggle.

Get a clock.

Get a TV.









There's a lone-ness in my soul

on these dunes at edge of land

hearing tunes by ocean's band

playing on the shoreline sand


There's a grown-ness in my soul

spirits joined without demand

but oh! --- I wish this silky sand

would turn into your touching hand!







And so a year has come and gone

of moments drifting by

And though so near the answers seem

they dance in light-dark sky

And grow unclear the moment we

have looked them in the eye 








There's a sadness in my soul

that knows a lifetime cannot be

more than a moment's ecstasy

upon a crest in endless sea


There's a feeling in my soul

of, somehow, some way to know

just how and where these moments flow

together in some undertow


There's a gladness in my soul

a thanks for all the hurt and pain

that's come by time and time again

to cleanse me with a driving rain 





To cast ridicule                                        

          upon another's lack of understanding

aptly demonstrates  

your own






Yestermorrow ---                                  

where are you?  

 are you all done?

are you to do?    

Yestermorrow ---                                  

 show your hand!  

   unmask your eyes!

  stop sifting sand!    

Yestermorrow ---                                  

 waiting game        

 around and round

   no face, no name    







Touch a flower to your cheek

shake some dewdrops in your hair

Dance along the burbling creek

rejoice! -- for Spring is in the air!







No matter what the whetherway

a joy or sorrow

love or pain

a gift or need

or whimsy's aim

that brings you to my door


You'll never find a whethercare

upon my face

or in my soul

mine's just a place

we both can be

without a whethermore 







Time is the Hunter

who knows what the Game?

Voices are calling

are echoes the Same?

Who is the Planner

and what the Design?

 Where are the Workers

and where is the Mine?

"Go", say the devas

"and sit by the Sea"

"Know Love's the answer

and mine within Thee"







Why is there no answer

why is there no goal

that sees beyond the moment

that goes beyond the shoal


Where is time of substance

where is tunnel end

Where will eyes turn corners

and see around the bend


Let there be an answer

let it --- that's the Key

Long ago, the Scarabs' song

said Let it --- Let It Be











                   whistlestops in time



                eternally in rhyme




If I sleep

while it's your day

will your day-dreams

come and play?







  to the Spring ---

and the sounds

of the souls

of the fawns

and the foals

and the lawns

and the rose

all ashine

and amove

and sublime

and subdued

from the chimes

of adieus

that remind

and renew

and unwind

unto you

the divine


of life



               If you stand                          

       and say you will 

be certain            

               that you do               





Religions, with age                       

increase their dogma         

is proportion to

                         the loss of their Godma





When you wish                      

  upon a star                   

  be sure you know

         just who you are




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