Over the years, I've seen friends and co-workers suffer from loss of a love relationship.  Being a close friend, and supportive, is so important in these times. Starshine (a song) was written for a young woman I worked with, whose long-time boyfriend had left her for another.








When I look in to your eyes

I see a shining shining Star

I see it soft and round

and it's as gentle as you are


It's the Star that keeps you moving

in the search for perfect Love

It shines upon your pathways

and it warms you like a glove


It you ever feel uncertain

and the fire's getting low

Just imagine I am with you

and you'll feel the fire glow


For I am not your Lover

but a friend who loves you more

A friend who's here to help you

to unfold your wings and soar


Every day I take a journey

in to touch your shining Star

and leave a little kiss to say

I love you as you are





Copyright 1997, Ron Pierce