Soberanes Point


There is no better time to hike the coastal hills than after a late winter or spring storm, when a few leftover clouds grace the skies, the grass is green, the wildflowers run amok high above the ocean, and the fog is gone.  That is Highway 1 curling around Soberanes Point here, about seven miles south of Carmel.  


There is a trailhead there for the Rocky Ridge trail that will take you on a 3-mile loop that will take your breath away -- both for the beauty you will see and for the strenuousness, since it climbs 1800 unrelenting feet above the ocean.


For the less adventurous, or just a different experience, there is a short trail to the top of the little "bump" on Soberanes Point, and trails around the point itself, where the coastal views are a full 180 degrees.

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