Ever have a favorite food you would just as soon have for every meal?  Our sons Christie and Alan loved Corn Puffs and soy milk that way.  So one evening at dinner, we created this song together (to the tune of the 60s folk song "Puff the Magic Dragon"). 10/8/95.






Puffs the Magic Cereal


Puffs, the magic cereal

lives by the sea

It's my favorite food to eat

so please give more to me


Smother it in soy milk

with honey on the top

Just keep poring more on in

and don't you ever stop


Yum Yum Yum Yum Yummy

I'll empty ten full bowls

I'll be so fat that I'll lay down

and do the roll-roll-rolls


Oh, Puffs the magic cereal

I just can't get enough

If you give me anything else

I'll be mean and tough


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

It's all I ever eat

And when I'm not eating Puffs

I'm running on my feet


Even when I'm sleeping

It's Puffs that fill my dreams

I scramble over Puff-rock hills

and swim in soy-milk streams





Copyright 1995, The Pierce family