An ocean beach can be a very peaceful and relaxing place.  This song (melody will to be added later), was written in the early 1970s during a visit to Carmel/Big Sur. 







Over and Over


I stood on the seashore, the edge of land

and watched the surf slide over the sand

Over and over, relentlessly

I felt that surf reach out to me


I sat down an waited, and finally

the surf came forward and gently touched me

But then it was gone, it sank in the sand

and never again would it touch my hand


I raised my eyes to the oncoming swell

saw the lingering crest before it fell

It rushed on forward, then slowed to a crawl

and melted away, ignoring my call


But soon came another, and then more and more

they washed around me as I sat on that shore

Over and over, so soothingly

They washed the chains away from me


I was no longer apart from the sea

and I felt no longer apart from me

My eyes were now open, again I could see

again I could feel, again I could be


Over and over, surrounding me

Over and over, so peacefully

Over and over, serenity

Over and over, for eternity 






Copyright 1974,2007, Ron Pierce