Island in Blue


It's rare, but the Pacific Ocean on the Big Sur coast sometimes looks like the equatorial doldrums.  Flat and calm, as far as the eye can see, and not a whisper of breeze in the air.


Sometimes I think this image should be called Serenity, since that is how it feels. Doubtless there were seals on the rock (they can usually be heard barking here, even from a half mile away), and I wonder --- what did they think of the unusual stillness? 


Only in the early morning does the Pacific Ocean have this deep blue color. As the sun traverses to the west, the color of the ocean changes constantly, towards a steely gray in the afternoon.  Early and late in the day usually provide the most magical colors and shadows for coastal images.


Where exactly was the photo taken?  I'm not sure; somewhere along the Big Sur coast, somewhere along those 79 miles or so of wonder between Carmel and San Simeon.

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