Ebb Tide


Sunset at Carmel Beach, receding waves, shore rocks -- the making of an image that defies any perspective of size.   Are the rocks large? Small?  As humans, we would like some indication, but it really doesn't matter, does it? There is  a kind of otherworldly beauty here for a few moments between one wave and another.


And the next wave will change it all.  The sand will be reshaped, the reflected light will be different, and a whole different feeling may be present.


In many ways, these kinds of images encapsulate the essence of landscape photography --- trying to find the optimal moment, the optimal position, to capture a feeling into that rectangle the camera limits us to.


Anyone can experience this kind of beauty, at almost any seashore.  As the surf sinks into the sand, there is  a second or so where the reflection of the sun lingers as you see here.  It's much like the smile and twinkle in the eyes of a child in a moment of joy.


If you can capture this kind of photo in nature (and you can), you can capture that kind of eye-twinkle photo of your loved ones.

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