Bixby Meadow


Some years the rains are sufficient, in timing and amounts, to create astounding spectacles of lush greenery and wildflowers along the Big Sur Coast, from late February though May. By summer, this will all be golden brown.


For many years I assisted in photographing the Big Sur International Marathon, a 26-mile run along the Big Sur Coast.  This was the view just south of Bixby Bridge (and just north of Hurricane Point) one year, in late April; the runners were pounding by behind me as I turned to capture this photo.  These views are one reason this race is not about speed, and one reason there are several "walks" that coexist with the marathon during the 6-hour road closure.


The marathon itself, brainchild of marathoner (and now- retired superior court judge) Bill Burleigh,  is testament to the power of one man's persuasive vision, when it is such that it inspires others to help in its manifestation.  Since it's inaugural running in 1989, it's become one of the world's most renowned marathons, with  its limits of 3500 runners and 3000 or so walkers booked well in advance, and no difficuloty filling the positions for 1500 volunteers.

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