BSIM 2004

Photo Collage

(with YOUR picture in the center!)


The BSIM2004 "A Wonderful Memory" photo collage, customized with your own photo in the center (or another photo of your choice), is an exquisite museum-quality print, available in two sizes.


The 8x12 collage is shown above somewhat smaller than actual size.  The collages are printed personally by the photographer,  with the highest quality color processes, and should last for generations.  The collage is suitable for framing; there is also some extra "border" area should you wish to tack or tape it and then frame it later.

 View of the 12x18 2004 Collage (near actual size)  

(This sample shows the scenic center-photo we believe is the best from this year's photos; you can also provide a photo of yourself, of course). 


The Center Photo


When you order, leave the Center Photo as "(customer-supplied)" if you will be sending us a photo of yourself that you would like in the center of the collage. We can scan a print (and return it to you), or you can email a digital photo.  We will crop the photo to a suitable "oval" as shown in the sample.


Alternatively, you can select any photo you wish from the various Big Sur photos on this website. Click the links below to open separate browser windows of Big Sur Images

Previous Big Sur Marathons   BSIM 2004 Images   Other Big Sur Landscapes




The large 12x18 Collage is $79 plus shipping ($6). 


The 8x12 Collage is $39 plus shipping ($5). 


Very availability by sending an email (link below).


Sending A print for Center Photo


3x5 or 4x6 or 5x7 prints are fine; please do not send a photo larger than 5x7.   We will scan it for your center photo, and return it to you with your collage.


Email a Digital Photo for the Center

We prefer a TIF, TIFF, or BMP file.  A JPG or JPEG file might be OK too; we will have to look at it to see if it will print nicely (these "compressed" files are not as amenable to resizing for the collage).

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